Food For Thought

Food For Thought and Souper Stars programs with Community Kitchens.

In this program the Hitmen partner with several sponsors and groups to promote exercise and help feed students who often don't get a lunch.

Four Hitmen players play floor hockey against students and teachers. Once the game is over the entire school is fed, and Hitmen players sign autographs. 


Program Outline: The Souper Stars Program is a series of eight one-hour classes taught to 25 different classrooms a year. The program is specifically designed to teach children in grades 4 to 6 how to attain a safe and healthy lifestyle. The program covers personal hygiene, basic nutrition, kitchen and food safety, grocery shopping, etiquette and vegetable and lunch preparation. Our purpose is to empower children to have confidence in their ability to function safely in a kitchen setting and to inspire them to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. The Souper Stars program is designed to build self-esteem in children by equipping them with life skills and confidence in their personal abilities. Group dynamics, social skills and positive self-image are developed along with their nutritional education. Instruction for these classes is delivered by the school nurse, and staff from Community Kitchen Program. Bottled water and a snack are provided at each of the classes.

Hygiene (school nurse): The nurse demonstrates proper hand washing using the glow light and talks about personal hygiene. i.e. changing clothes, shampooing hair, etc. Various activities are used to present material.

Nutrition (school nurse): Basic nutrition, using Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating as a guide, is taught in this class. It is open to whatever activities and information the nurse chooses to present.

Kitchen and Food Safety (Community Kitchen): This class includes an 8-minute video on food safety entitled Fight Back. An experiment of cross-contamination is shown to the students. In addition to food safety, personal kitchen safety, electrical and other safety hazards are discussed, as well as what to do if an emergency arises. 

Grocery Shopping (Community Kitchen): This class covers advertising, supermarket layout, making healthier choices and label reading. A food cost comparison game is played, using play money and other visual aids. 

Etiquette (Coast Plaza Hotel/Community Kitchen): This class covers table manners, use of napkins and the proper use of all the utensils. A whole place setting is available for the children to practice what they learn as well as a good manners game and story.

Vegetable Preparation (Community Kitchen): The children reinforce their kitchen and food safety knowledge by cleaning, peeling and chopping various vegetables and fruits. Each child gets to wash and cut a fruit or a vegetable. At the end of the class they have the vegetables and fruits as their snack. Community Kitchen brings in all the supplies.

Lunch Preparation (Community Kitchen): In this class children are instructed how to buns and knife safety is reinforced. A variety of meats, tomato, lettuce and cheese are brought in for the students to make submarine sandwiches of their choice. Kitchen and food safety and nutrition are reviewed during the activities. Community Kitchen brings in all the supplies.

Celebration/Graduation (Community Kitchen): The students complete course evaluations and participate in a Food Jeopardy game which reviews the material covered in the program. Prizes are distributed and the participants each receive a certificate of completion.